From engagement to parenting: HyunA and Dawn to guest on “The Return of Superman” 

6-year couple HyunA and Dawn will take care of Sayuri’s son Zen on “The Return of Superman”. 

In episode 446 of KBS 2TV’s reality show “The Return of Superman”, which will air on September 9th, HyunA and Dawn will meet and spend a lovely time with Sayuri’s son Zen. Viewers are about to see HyunA and Dawn, who are now engaged, take on a parenting challenge for a day and express their affection for Zen.

In the released stills, HyunA and Dawn attract attention by showing their happy father and mother smiles as they look at Zen with honey-dripping eyes. HyunA said that she really looked forward to meeting Zen and revealed that Dawn is a fan of Zen.

hyuna dawn

Dawn’s caring and delicate parenting skills will also be shown, such as when he caught Zen who almost fell. Looking at Dawn and HyunA, Sayuri commented, “I think if they have a daughter later, she will be very pretty.”

HyunA will capture viewers’ hearts with her friend-like parenting towards Zen. She took pictures of Zen as she couldn’t miss even a single moment. Being with HyunA and Dawn, Zen will show a more energetic appearance than ever. This episode will be broadcast on September 9th at 10pm KST.

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