Confirming the comeback time, BTS self designs and produces their new album

Just came back lately with album Map Of The Soul: 7 to celebrate 7th anniversary, BTS is already preparing and hinting the upcoming comeback, making ARMY surprised.

Different from previous albums, through the livestreams, the members revealed their roles one by one, specifically Jimin said that he will take over the project manager position for this comeback of BTS. Jimin will perform the task of collecting opinions of the members and send it to the company to agree on the idea. In addition, V also revealed that he will be responsible for the visuals for the upcoming comeback.

During the group’s live broadcast today (May 11, 2020), BTS first shared with fans about how the members hold a meeting for the new album. Besides discussing about the number of tracks, the style of music, one detail that makes fans excited even more is the moment Jin accidentally revealed the comeback time. Specifically, while other members were enthusiastically discussing, Jin suddenly said that BTS will return in October 2020. He said “… but we will release it in October right?”. Suga then nodded as he agreed with what Jin said.

BTS also said that this album will be planned, designed and produced by the members themselves, everything from A to Z is self-made. Despite being globally famous for a series of “unprecedented” achievements, BTS has never made fans feel bored with their music. With the endless efforts, passion for music and outstanding creativity, fans believe that BTS will continue to explode with their first “self-made” album in October.

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