Netizens criticized Mnet for disrespecting Islam

Mnet was criticized by many netizens for daring to use a remix of “Adhan” in the opening music of the show “Street Woman Fighter”.

Viewers are urging Mnet, the South Korean music television station that broadcasts the competition show ‘Street Woman Fighter‘, to apologize for allegedly using an Islamic practice in the show’s introduce soundtrack.

A remixed version of an adhan (also spelled as azan and adzan) was used in an introduction sequence of the show, which Muslim audiences noticed. An adhan is an Islamic call to prayer that is recited at specific times throughout the day.

The editors were criticized by fans for “remixing” and “glitching” adhan. The soundtrack of Street Woman Fighter is compared to an example of adhan.

The song featured in the introduction sequence was not developed by Mnet; it is a song called “Azan” by the English band LOSERS, which was soon discovered by netizens. The song “Azan” was included on their album ‘Beautiful Losers’, which was published in 2010. New comments have been placed beneath YouTube recordings of the song, with individuals expressing their anger with the band.

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