BTS wrapped up their 100-hour healing trip with the final episode of “In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2”

Top boygroup BTS enjoyed true resting and healing time through the reality program “In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2.”

BTS members recently wrapped up their healing trip in the last episode of JTBC’s “In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2,” which aired on the afternoon of November 5th, 

#Unprecedented scale + healing “Forest” with BTS’s wish list. 

“In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2” drew attention with its upgraded scale compared to last season. The forest mansion only for BTS contains all the things for the members’ wish lists, making the show more fun to watch. The members enjoyed a full rest in a private space equipped with a swimming pool, basketball court, study room, barbecue court, karaoke machine, game room equipped with five computers, and a gym equipped with power racks. 

BTS In The Soop

# Upgraded “Mukbang” and witty “Cooking Show”.

In “In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2,” the “Mukbang” has also been upgraded compared to season 1. Starting with jjajang ramen, the members presented a mouth-watering mukbang with a variety of menus such as tteokbokki, watermelon salad, grilled clams, seafood kalguksu (Korean noodle soup), smoked duck, grilled Korean beef, boiled pork, barbecue, croffle, banquet noodles, and pasta. In particular, in the last episode of “In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2,” the members asked Baek Jong-won (Korean famous chef) for help through video calls to cook beef. The BTS members, who perfectly performed a delicious and reliable “cooking show” ranging from seafood to meat preparation, drew admiration from viewers.

BTS In The Soop

 # Deep in the forest, BTS’s full “rest” 

Through this season of “In the SOOP BTS ver.,” the BTS members enjoyed their free rest in their own way. They spent a healing time by doing things that are difficult to do in the city, such as reading, playing basketball, having fun in the water, playing tennis, foot volleyball, trampoline, driving RC cars, and four-wheel bikes. In the last episode, the members watched the 2020 Tokyo Olympics archery and women’s volleyball games live with a lot of tension and hugged each other and cheered as soon as the victory for the Korean representatives was confirmed. 


“In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2” is HYBE’s entertainment reality program, which features BTS members enjoying healing time in the forest separately. The show aired on JTBC every Friday night at 10 p.m. starting with the first broadcast on the 15th of last month. Fans can watch an extended edition of the TV broadcasts on Weverse, a global fan community platform. In addition, the 5th episode, which could not be seen on TV on November 12th, the official photo on November 13th, and the entire behind-the-scenes video and special commentary video that were not released on the main episode will be released on Weverse on November 19th.

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