Lee Hyo Ri’s Husband’s Jeju Cafe Gets Certified Blue Ribbon, Reaping the Rewards of Effort

Lee Sang Soon’s cafe has been awarded the Blue Ribbon. 

The cafe operated by Lee Hyo Ri’s husband Lee Sang Soon in Jeju posted a photo of the Blue Ribbon certification on its official Instagram account on May 22nd, stating, “It’s been a year since we opened in Dongbok Village.” 

The Blue Ribbon is a restaurant certification agency that holds restaurant information and evaluation information nationwide and is operated through reader participation.


The post expressed gratitude, saying, “We had concerns about whether customers would visit frequently due to our inexperienced start and reservation-based operation. Fortunately, we now have mainland customers who revisit us and local residents who ask after us. Thanks to the continuous interest and support of our customers, we were able to grow and receive the Blue Ribbon so quickly. We sincerely appreciate it.

Previously, in July last year, Lee Sang Soon opened the cafe in Jeju and received significant attention. The waiting line exceeded 100 meters, and there were even instances where all ingredients were sold out and the business closed within 12 minutes of opening.


However, at that time, there were complaints from some residents about the inconvenience caused by the large crowds. A member of the National Assembly even took a jab at Lee Sang Soon’s cafe, saying, “While I respect many celebrities who open restaurants or coffee shops to make a living, Lee Hyo Ri has plenty of high-paying entertainment and stage opportunities, so there is no need for her to open a coffee shop that could threaten the surrounding business.”

Immediately, Lee Sang Soon clarified on Instagram, saying, “I want to emphasize that my wife (Lee Hyo Ri) has nothing to do with the cafe. I am the owner and I run the business. I will do my best to ensure that the residents of the village are not affected.”

Source: wikitree. 

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