Taeyeon shows off her 11 abs that she has been hiding

Taeyeon revealed her abs that she had been hidden. She caught everyone’s eyes with a perfect body line.

Taeyeon posted a photo of herself wearing a training suit on her Instagram on July 7. In the photo, she was lying on the couch in comfortable clothes.

What really stood out is her stretching body. Taeyeon was lying comfortably with her arms crossed and a soft smile on her face. She seems to be really enjoying the weekend.

Taeyeon atracted everyone when her body looks like she has no excessive fat at all. She showed off her strong abs despite having a delicate figure.

The netizens commented, “She looks like a doll,” “She has really small waist”, “Look like she’s been working out and lost some weight lately” and “She’s so pretty.”

Meanwhile, Taeyeon just released her new single “Four Seasons” on March 24. It’s staying at the top rank in various music charts.

Sources: Dispatch

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