Sunmi to take strict legal action against malicious commenters

On October 13th, ABYSS Company stated, “In order to protect the rights of Sunmi, we will take strict legal action against malicious acts that insult our artist’s personality without leniency.”

In 2019, Sunmi once took legal action against malicious commenters. At that time, the people who got sued for spreading malicious comments had to pay fines as their punishment. However, the number of netizens creating posts insulting Sunmi has recently increased again. Therefore, ABYSS Company had to be strict again.


On October 11th, Sunmi exposed the malicious posted which directed at her through her own SNS and expressed her frustration.

Meanwhile, Sunmi recently drew attention to her comeback with the 3rd mini-album ‘1/6’ in August. Moreover, her online concert ‘GOOD GIRL GONE MAD’ will be held on the 30th of this month.

Source: Insight

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