Sunmi reacted to death threats, “What did I do wrong?”

Sunmi, a former member of the group Wonder Girls, expressed her bitter feelings after a malicious comment aimed toward her was posted on a program’s gallery. On Oct 11th, She shared a post posted on Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999” online gallery on her Twitter account and added, “What did I do so wrong? What should I do?“.

The tweet left by Sunmi after revealing the malicious comments toward her. /Sunmi Twitter
The tweet left by Sunmi after revealing the malicious comments toward her. /Sunmi Twitter

On Sep 27th, a post titled “How to Kill Sunmi” was posted in the gallery. The author said, “Sunmi, don’t release an album. He slandered Sunmi by leaving comments such as “I will curse at you on Melon (music site) in real-time” and calling her names. Another netizen left a comment, saying, “No aura at all, you are just all bark and no bite.

Sunmi asked the writer of the article, “Which part of me did you hate so much that you want to kill me?” and “Is it because of the screening criteria I mentioned in the first episode?I’ve tried to talk in a way that people can resonate with me while monitoring,” she added, “I’ve tried really hard every moment to see what I can do for my girls here (Girls Planet 999 participants).” Afterward, Sunmi said in an additional tweet, “Please cheer for our girls harder. Please,” she said.

Criteria for screening revealed by "Girls Planet 999" K-pop master Sunmi. /Mnet's "Girls Planet 999".
Criteria for screening revealed by “Girls Planet 999” K-pop master Sunmi. /Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999”.

Sunmi is currently appearing as a K-pop master on Mnet’s Korea-China-Japan girl group debut survival program “Girls Planet 999.” In her first broadcast in August, Sunmi said, “I want to pay attention to the charm of each girl. Each person has their own energy, so I want to pay attention to all 99 girls’ energy”, she said. Later, in the broadcast, Sunmi frequently used words such as “Aura” and “Energy” when evaluating the performers, and emphasized “Charm” as the first criterion for judging. Some viewers complained that Sunmi’s screening criteria were somewhat ambiguous.

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