JooE looks back on her “Second World” journey and shares thoughts about MOMOLAND’s 6th anniversary, “BBoom BBoom is the most memorable song”

MOMOLAND JooE expressed her gratitude when looking back on the 6 years of her debut.

MOMOLAND member JooE appeared on JTBC’s program “Second World”, which ended after the final round on November 8th, and finished in 4th place.

Momoland JooE

“Second World” is a survival program in which rappers of Korea’s representative girl groups with both rap and vocal skills join a fierce singing competition. Together with Wonder Girls Yubin, ex-AOA Jimin, MAMAMOO Moonbyul, Oh My Girl Mimi, WJSN Exy, Billlie Moon Sua and CLASS:y Kim Seon You, MOMOLAND JooE participated in this survival show to break the prejudice against girl group rappers and open her own “second world”.

The Second World

“The Sun” JooE has a high-quality singing ability as she majored in vocal performance during her school days. Her dance and rap skills are also as good as her vocal talent. After member Daisy left MOMOLAND, JooE even took the main rapper position. Although her talent has been underrated because of her image on entertainment shows, JooE proved her potential and ability as a vocalist by presenting impressive performances.

JooE looked back on the first round when she faced Moonbyul, a strong candidate for victory, and said, “Due to Covid-19, I don’t think I practiced hard enough to feel satisfied. I knew it very well myself, so I have no regrets about the result. Rather, I prepared harder for the next stage with that determination”.

moonbyul the second world

JooE, who was bitterly defeated in Round 1, formed a unit with Billlie Moon Sua in the second round and “What Type of X”. The two won with the perfect score of 5:0. In this regard, JooE said, “We are around the same age and have lots of things in common so we were able to do everything smoothly. We got closer after actively exchanging opinions on what kind of stage to set up and sharing our worries about performing. The comfortable and fun practice I had with Sua seemed to contribute to our good synergy on the stage”.

Moon Sua

In Round 4 “Death Match”, JooE surprised everyone as she selected the song “Our Deam”, the Korean version of “One Piece” OST. JooE said, “I set up the stage with great desperation that it could be my last stage. Unlike other performances, I wanted to fill this stage with only my voice to convey my sincerity and hopeful lyrics that can give me strength. I didn’t have any regret after performing, and I was very happy.”

JooE, who advanced to the live singing final round, presented a stage of the song “NOW”. She said, “I believed that the last stage was the stage that perfectly expressed myself only. I’ve never performed with that mindset because I thought it would make me become arrogant and greedy. However, when I saw the members and my mom come to see my last performance of ‘NOW’, I tried to show my best”.

momoland jooe

JooE, who finished her journey on “Second World” in 4th place, showed her determination as a member of MOMOLAND and as JooE herself. In particular, she also renewed her mindset to mark MOMOLAND’s 6th debut anniversary after “Second World”. JooE shared, “First of all, I remember the moment I meet our best song ‘BBoom BBoom’. Thanks to ‘BBoom BBoom’, we were able to do many things until now. Thank you so much. It’s already our 7th anniversary next year. I can’t believe it”.

Lastly, JooE said, “I will continue to show more of my performances on ‘Second World’ through various future activities, so please look forward to me”, raising expectations.

Source: Daum

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