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Kwon Eun-bi, “MZ Generation idols are individualistic and straightforward. The agency also respects us” (South Korean Foreigners)

NRG’s Noh Yoo-min, INFINITE’s Sung-joong, Kwon Eun-bi, and Golden Child’s Jang Jun talked about the gaps between idols of different generations.

MBC Every1’s program “South Korean Foreigners”, which aired on September 14th, was made as a special episode about idols of different generations.

Idols who appeared as guests on the broadcast mentioned the characteristics of the idol culture in their own generations. Noh Yoo-min said, “During our time, we were a little mysterious. When people passed by us, we stopped even when we were eating. We didn’t go to the bathroom if there were people in there. We were told not to say anything, so we didn’t say a word.”

INFINITE Sung-jong said, “We debuted in 2010. Every time we appeared on variety shows, we must overact our reactions. I also had to do personal talents and performed girl group dances.”

On the other hand, Kwon Eun-bi shared, “We’re quite individualistic. Since we’re the MZ Generation, we act more straightforwardly. Whatever we do, the agency doesn’t say anything and they respect us”.

Jang Jun also commented, “The keyword of our generation is ‘look natural’. We can say if we want to use the bathroom then go and return.”

Source: daum

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