Im Soo-hyang left a message in memorial of the late Lee Ji-han, “We gathered at your mortuary and I cried for a long time”

Actress Im Soo-hyang paid tribute to the late actor Lee Ji-han, who died in the Itaewon crowd crush tragedy.

On November 1st, Im Soo-hyang made a long post on her SNS account, saying “Ji-han ah, you must go to a good place and live happily”.


She confessed, “We were supposed to spend a whole day filming the drama with you but right after hearing the news, we all gathered at your mortuary. With complicated feelings, we sat there for a long time without saying anything”, adding “I know how hard you had worked and how much you had wanted to do well. I feel so sad, so upset that it was just your beginning but you were already taken back (to heaven) so quickly”.

'Produce 101' Lee Ji-han

Confessing her heartbreaking feelings, the actress said, “Your parents held my hand and told me that you complimented me, bragged about me, and liked me a lot every time you went home from work. I think I cried for a long time because I felt so sad. I should have said something better to you and I’m sorry that I couldn’t take better care of you.

Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang continued, “I feel so sad having to send a colleague off first, but I and all the members of our team will always think about you and work harder to fulfill your parts”, adding “We’ll try to make you feel proud there, and I hope you can be at peace now”.

itaewon stampede

Lastly, the actress said, “I delivered my condolences to all the victims in this Itaewon disaster who have become stars in the sky”. 

Im Soo-hyang and the late actor Lee Ji-han were filming MBC’s new drama “The Season of Kokdu”. The filming has been suspended and will resume after reorganization. 

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