After the news of SHINee Taemin’s worsening depression, Kim Gu-ra’s past remark is being re-examined, “It’s obvious to see idols these days have panic disorder”

A video in which broadcast Kim Gu-ra talked about things that come together with depression and anxiety has recently been brought up and discussed again.

On January 14th, SM Entertainment said, “Due to worsening depression and panic disorder that he has been suffering from before, Taemin has continuously been receiving treatments and counseling even during his military service period”, adding, “He has been transferred to reservist duty, starting from Jan 14th, due to his recent symptoms.”

Kim Gu-ra youtube channel

Although many idols have already talked about their experience of having depression, fans were still sad to hear the news of Taemin suffering from both depression and panic disorder.

Moreover, Kim Gu-ra remarks in a video uploaded on his Youtube channel “Gree Gura” more than 2 years ago are being talked about again.

Kim Gu-ra youtube channel

In that video, Kim Gu-ra and his son Gree introduced the story of a viewer worrying about their mother, who was diagnosed with panic disorder. Then Kim Gu-ra also agreed that he could sympathize with the story because he did use to have a hard time because of panic disorder.

Talking about the situation at that time, Kim Gu-ra said, “It was like the early stage of depression”, adding “It is an obvious thing to see idols and idol trainees in this era having panic disorder or depression.”

Kim Gu-ra youtube channel

Pointing out that if you can’t sleep or eat well because of stress, you might have panic disorder, Kim Gu-ra explained, “Popularity and money come together. Just like that, depression and anxiety also appear simultaneously”.

Kim Gu-ra youtube channel

Kim Gu-ra, who started doing broadcasting in 2003, said, “I have been appearing on TV broadcasts since then, which also means I have been in a fierce competition for over 10 years. Basically, I have always felt nervous and depressed”. He honestly confessed, “When I was young, I ran forward to survive”, saying that he could sympathize with young people who are suffering from anxiety or depression.

Kim Gu-ra youtube channel


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