7 most shipped “Snowdrop” couples aside from the Jung Hae In – BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Snowdrop has an intense story, but the drama’s couples are still excitedly shipped by fans.

1. Joo Gyeok Chan – Ko Hye Ryeong

When the team of North Korean spies takes over Hosu School, Gyeok Chan is assigned to monitor the hostages. Because he can’t remember Hye Ryeong’s name, he often calls her by the cute nickname “polka dots”. They also share similar personality traits, like both are short-tempered and like to scream. 

Snowdrop couples

2. Choi Soul Hee – Eun Young Ro

Chaebol’s daughter Soul Hee is compatible with Young Ro, the daughter of NSA’s chief Young Ro. Soul Hee is a kind friend who always supports Young Ro’s every decision. The two share many moments that fans adore. 

Snowdrop couples

3. Kang Chung Ya – Eun Young Ro

For YG fans, this duo is definitely the reason why they watch Snowdrop. When Eun Young Ro is heartbroken over her brother’s death, Chung Ya comforts her (actually lures Young Ro into a trap). Not to mention, the face combination of Yoo In Na and Jisoo is a total eye-candy.

Snowdrop couples
Snowdrop couples

4. Joo Gyeok Chan – Eun Young Ro

On-screen chemistry is nearly non-existent, yet the two are extremely close behind the scenes. Jisoo spends a lot of time with her co-star Min Kyu. Many people consider this duo to be more “real” than Jung Hae InJisoo.

Snowdrop couples

5. Lee Kang Mu – Jang Han Na

Although Kang Mu always said that he only considers Han Na as a colleague, he cares about her very much.  He even once said she was his fiancée.

Snowdrop couples
Snowdrop couples

6. Joo Gyeok Chan – Gye Bun Ok

Gyeok Chan is rude to all of the world but is relatively gentle with Bun Ok.  Fans are hoping that Bun Ok doesn’t join the villains so that the Korean drama can have another South – North Korean couple.

Snowdrop couples

7. Lee Eung Cheol – Ko Hye Ryeong

Although unrelated, Eung Cheol created a humorous moment when forcing Hye Ryeong to perform an opera.  Unfortunately, Eung Cheol has passed away.

Snowdrop couples

Snowdrop is airing every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC and Disney+


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