Fans are upset ITZY lost Best Dance Performance award to aespa after explosive stage featuring “Squid Game” star at MAMA 2021

ITZY’s stage at this year’s MAMA received a positive response, but fans are unhappy they did not win Best Dance Performance. 

Today (December 11), the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2021) is the center of attention for Kpop fans. This year’s event brings together a lineup of famous idol groups including NCT, aespa, ITZY, ENHYPEN, Brave Girls, Stray Kids, ATEEZ… In particular, ITZY’s stage was highly anticipated because they were confirmed to collaborate with Squid Game star Heo Sung Tae.

Not disappointing fans, ITZY delivered an explosive performance with a captivating concept. After finishing the Intro and the performance for LOCO, Ryujin surprised the viewers by holding a gun straight at Yeji’s head. Ryujin then continued to wow fans by doing action scenes on stage as if she was shooting a movie.

Yeji and Ryujin’s shooting scene
Ryujin’s viral solo action scenes

Ryujin’s choreographed fight scenes receive plenty of praise because she looks like a professional actor in an action movie. The female idol’s interaction with Heo Sung Tae went viral on social media. Netizens are blown away by Ryujin’s skills and charm after this performance.

itzy ryujin yeji
Ryujin makes the viewers hold their breath when pointing a gun at Yeji
itzy ryujin yeji
This moment is one of the spotlights of MAMA 2021
itzy ryujin yeji
The female idol is praised for her professional acting and girl-crush charisma
heo sung tae
The appearance of actor Heo Sung Tae makes ITZY’s stage become more dramatic and movie-like
Ryujin knocked out Heo Sung Tae before the performance of Mafia In The Morning

Many netizens left positive comments for ITZY’s eye-catching stage. As expected as the girl group with the best performance ability of the new generation, ITZY has created an impressive highlight for MAMA 2021.

ITZY’s Mafia In The Morning Stage

Aside from compliments on Ryujin’s explosive stage presence, fans are releasing their rage on MAMA with a slew of angry comments. Fans made complaints since ITZY lost the Best Dance Performance – Female Group award to aespa.

aespa is the winner of the “Best Dance Performance – Female Group” award

Some comments:

  • MAMA is a real joke. They should be ashamed as ITZY brought such a great stage but in the end Best Dance Performance went to aespa.
  • ITZY lost this award for two consecutive years. Last year was Wannabe, this year it’s Mafia In The Morning. I will boycott MAMA from now on.
  • ITZY is the best dance and performance girl group of the 4th generation. How could they lose in this category?
  • ITZY’s stage was placed before aespa. So, you know, right?
  • But this award is still based on the rankings. This is MAMA, not Street Woman Fighter!
  • Before complaining about MAMA, think about ITZY’s poor achievement compared to aespa.
and aespa on the red carpet of MAMA 2021
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