Gian84 prepared an unexpected thing for his camping trip with Song Mino

Gian84 surprised everyone with the way he carefully prepared for the camping trip with Song Mino.

MBC’s “I Live Alone” uploaded a pre-release video on Naver TV and Youtube on March 25th. The video showed Gian84 and Song Mino going camping.

gian 84, song mino

It was the first time Gian84 and Song Mino met in private. In an awkward atmosphere, the two greeted each other then left for their destination in a car.

Gian84 carefully asked, “Can I talk to you in a more comfortable way?”, Song Min-ho laughed and answered, “Please talk comfortably”. The conversation between the two, who have nothing in common, ended in an instant.

gian 84, song mino

After that, Gian84 took out his phone and said, “I wrote down something to say just in case I feel awkward with you”. Questions, such as “How have you been?”, “How’s your life as a singer?”, “Are you going to draw something?”, “Among celebrities, who are you close to?”, etc., were written on his phone, drawing laughter.

gian 84, song mino

Later, in an interview, Song Mino confessed, “I know that he doesn’t often prepare things like this. That’s why I was very happy and grateful to see him trying to do so”.

song mino

The viewers are curious about how the two, who are awkward with each other but both likes arts, will enjoy their camping. The camping trip of Gian84 and Song Mino can be found on “I Live Alone” at 11:10 P.M on March 25th.

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