Former top idol got criticized for taking care of her son better than her daughter

Lee Ji-hyun (Jewelry) has been criticized for discriminating against her daughter on “My Golden Kids.”

Recently, Lee Ji-hyun, a former member of the legendary group Jewelry, has been criticized for discriminating against her daughter on the show “My Golden Kids.” While covering up for her son’s fault, she seemed to be particularly strict with her daughter. In the meantime, the scenes in which she hit her daughter on a broadcast in the past are going viral.

lee ji hyun

On March 24th, on online communities and social media, a post was made with a video of her on the variety show “Mother (엄마사람),” which ended in 2015.

In January 2015, Lee Ji-hyun resumed her public activities as a “mother” two months after giving birth to her son Woo-kyung. The controversial scene was in the middle of the first episode of “Mother.” Lee Ji-hyun was annoyed and hit her butt when her daughter Seo-yoon bit Wookyung‘s foot. When Seoyoon ran away in panic, she chased after her and got angry.

The post that shared the scene has many comments criticizing Lee Ji-hyun‘s discipline. It was also mentioned that Seo-yoon showed abnormal behavior on the broadcast on March 18th. At that time, Seo-yoon hit her younger brother because he picked a fight by grabbing her hair first, but when Lee Ji-hyun only blamed her, the daughter covered her head with a plastic bag and appealed, “I want to die.” 

lee ji hyun

Some pointed out that nothing has changed even after Lee Ji-hyun was advised by Dr. Oh Eun-young, a psychiatrist, for more than a month. This is because she has already appeared in “My Golden Child” for a month, but she is still sensitive to each emotion of her son, and his violence has worsened.

The 91st episode’s trailer released on March 24th showed Woo-kyung kicking Lee Ji-hyun‘s chest and swinging his fists on her head. Woo-kyung even shoved his fist at Dr. Oh Eun-young, who was trying to stop the fight.

Criticism continues being made on Lee Ji-hyun‘s SNS. In the comments section, reactions poured out, saying “I feel sorry for the daughter,” “Please take care of her first,” “Please notice her when your daughter cries,” “I’m frustrated, please change,” and “Why only hit your daughter?”

lee ji hyun

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-hyun got a divorce by agreement in August 2016, three years after marrying an older office worker in March 2013, and remarried with a doctor in September of the following year. 

Woo-kyung is known to have been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder) when she was young. ADHD is a disorder that usually occurs in a kid’s childhood, and refers to symptoms of continuous attention deficit, excessive activity, and impulsiveness.

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