Kim Hee-chul: “I think I can do business with my ex-lover as long as she doesn’t get hurt”

Kim Hee-chul received a question regarding doing business with his ex-girlfriend.

knowing bros

On the January 22 broadcast of JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, Kang Ye-won, Lee Young-ji and Song Ji-ah appeared as transfer students.

Lee Young-ji drew attention by saying, “What’s interesting is that my new song’s name is ‘Freesia’.” Lee Jin-ho made everyone laugh as he responded, “I also use a perfume called ‘Freesia’.”

knowing bros

Lee Young-ji honestly confessed, “I made this album together with rapper Layone. I had a crush on Layone last year, but I was dumped. I felt embarrassed for about 5 months, but I solved it then turned my story into a song. I forgot everything about it.”

Lee Sang-min asked, “Did you like him seriously?” Lee Young-ji replied, “I really liked him and gave him my youth. Many people know this story.” It is known that Lee Young-ji even filmed a music video along with Layone under the concept of lovers.

knowing bros

Afterwards, Lee Jin-ho said, “Raise your hand if you can do business with your ex-lover or ex-spouse.”

Kim Hee-chul sighed, “I think I can do it if the other person doesn’t suffer.” Lee Jin-ho asked, “Can you do a duet song with her?” Upon hearing this, Kim Hee-chul burst into laughter and shared, “She might not be a singer, right? I think I can do it as long as she doesn’t get hurt.”

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