Fans raged more intensely even after IU’s agency explained the controversy over discrimination between fans, “They’re ignoring their responsibility”

IU’s agency EDAM Ent. recently explained the controversy over discrimination between fans. However, more complaints are poured out as the agency seems to be handing over their responsibility.


On Jan 4th, an article titled, “IU’s fans are talking about discrimination between fans”, was posted on the online community theqoo.

The post’s author A said, “The first documentary since IU’s debut will be released. This is such a meaningful event, and as a fan, I’m really looking forward to it”, adding, “However, the situation turned around when the post about several Named Fans was uploaded”.

A pointed out, “The agency directly contacted only Named Fans among IU fans and used them for documentary production”. Named Fan is a new term derived from the English word “named” and it means a well-known or famous fan among fandom members. 


A wrote, “In the past, the reaction video for “eight” was said to be done with 3rd generation UAENAs. However, no fans received prior notice and only those who were managers of the official fancafe participated in the event”, adding, “After that, until fans raised doubts about the selection criteria did the agency reveal that there were no selection criteria”.

They continued, “Some of the official fancafe managers broke the rules and leaked the notice so fans were talking about it a lot. But since the agency stayed silent and didn’t respond, everyone moved on relatively quietly”, and asked, “We want the agency to make an official apology about the issue of discrimination between fans”.

EDAM Entertainment explained

In response, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment explained on Jan 4th, saying, “We want to inform you of the facts as we noticed something seems to have been misunderstood regarding the documentary ‘Pieces: Winter of a 29-year-old’.”

First of all, the agency said, “Wrapping up IU’s 20s with a self-composed album “Pieces”, we prepared this documentary with the desire to give a meaningful gift to UAENA (IU’s fandom). After finishing filming the documentary, we are currently working on the second part of the production.”


They then explained, “After checking the facts, it was confirmed that the documentary writer contacted several fans based on their personal judgment and conducted interviews in order to get some information needed for the preliminary meeting during the production company selection process”, adding, “The writer the dropped out of the project before the documentary production and the collected content were not included in the documentary.”

The agency then apologized, saying, “Our company and the outsourcing production team of the documentary also did not receive any notice related to this issue in advance. We sincerely apologize to all UAENAs who must have been worried a lot because of this misunderstanding.”


However, fans became even angrier at the agency’s explanation. They criticized the company, saying, “The company seems to know the issue. Will you reveal your position on other controversies?”, “You call this an explanation. You’re handing over all the responsibility to the writer”, “So explain the incident with ‘eight’ back then to us”, “The writer who did those things silently is also at fault as, but the agency’s failure in managing their project should also be responsible for the problem.”


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