Fans Prepare Protest Trucks, Call for Seunghan’s Departure from RIIZE After Leaked Live Broadcast Controversy

Fans are once again asking Seunghan to leave RIIZE due to his ongoing controversies

In the wake of controversies surrounding RIIZE Seunghan’s personal life, fans have prepared a truck protest sent to SM Entertainment headquarters scheduled for November 22, urging Seunghan to exit RIIZE.

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The messages on the truck protest read: 

“Rookie idol, only 70 days into debut, has received truck requests twice to leave the group. If you feel ashamed, voluntarily withdraw.”

“Hong Seunghan said: Thanks for protecting me. I will repay with even more scandals.”

“How long will SM protect the troublemaker member? Take responsibility and leave the group.”

“RIIZE’s time bomb, the troublemaker is sure to repeat his offenses.”

“Do not harm the group with controversies about your personal life anymore. Hong Seunghan, leave RIIZE.”

“SM protect RIIZE members and remove Seunghan.”

“RIIZE’s fan attraction barrier – Hong Seunghan, the troublemaker, take responsibility and leave the group.”

Previously, a leaked Instagram live broadcast surfaces, featuring Seunghan interacting with friends, including TXT’s Soobin. In the leaked video, Seunghan doesn’t hold back, mockingly saying, “It’s a fact. You (Soobin) can’t dance, sing, or rap, but you did one Music Bank MC gig.” 

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While making fun of Soobin, Seunghan mentions LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eunchae, sparking a controversy. Fans criticize the video for its unwarranted nature, potentially causing harm to Hong Eunchae. 

Seunghan’s past troubles, including leaked private photos with his girlfriend just before debut, have contributed to the rising tension within RIIZE’s fandom. 

In a previous statement, Seunghan expressed regret, acknowledging the impact on the group and apologizing for disappointing RIIZE members and the fans.

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