SNSD created the best concept in Kpop history 12 years ago, and the design of costumes has influenced even now!

SM’s legendary girlgroup – SNSD’s costumes and choreography were thought to be perfect at that time and still have a great influence to these days.

Although they have been out of group activities for a long time, each member is also busy with individual projects, but SNSD seems to have never been forgotten.  The name “Girls’ Generation” is still at the top of the girl group brand value rankings every month, proving that the golden girls of SM are always loved and well-received by the public.

This year’s the 12th anniversary of the release of Genie. The song has helped SNSD establish themselves as the group with the most legendary concept in Kpop. The girls’ super-short shorts, which show off their gorgeous legs, contribute to the glamorous and sensual look that is sweeping Kpop.

After the success of Gee, the audience thought that SNSD would continue to release a similar cute and lovely song.  However, the girls returned with a mature, seductive but equally strong image.  The costumes inspired by sailor uniforms were modified by SM stylists to be soft, feminine and suitable for the girls’ bodies.

Watch SNSD’s ‘Genie’ MV here:

For SNSD, changing styles was not only to serve the ever-changing tastes of the audience, but it’s also a way for the girls to demonstrate their ability to conquer all concepts.  SNSD was willing to challenge themselves. They did not want to stay safe with the innocent, cute image that was prevalent at that time.

Despite the same sailor theme, the group’s outfits on the stages were all different: sometimes discreet and elegant with a navy blazer and white shorts; sometimes sexy in tight jumpsuits, or with a little bunker; strong with camouflage motifs; or transform into beautiful and dynamic military medical nurses.  This style of dressing is even affecting the layouts of girlgroups nowadays.

After that, when performing Genie again during the tour, SNSD no longer wore the same costumes as before.  Their costumes were more luxurious and classy with white colors and sophisticated rhinestones.  Each member’s outfit also had a different design, unlike the old days.

Not only helping to popularize the concept of sailors in Kpop, the image of 9 pairs of legs in shorts and stiletto heels, making regular foot movements also made fans crazy.

In addition to navy blue, SNSD also was dressed in moss and khaki outfits.

The girls also had the opportunity to perform this song on the roof of the Music Core building. This stage brought the station a rating of 17.2%; thereby setting a record as the stage with the highest viewership ratings in Music Core history. 

Watch their full performance here:

At this stage, SNSD simultaneously wore white outfits with blazers, captain hats and shorts, and blue high heels.  Some members’ jackets were also attached with fringed shoulder straps to make the outfit stand out more.

Thanks to SNSD, the formerly unpopular sexy and seductive concept was increasingly well-accepted by the public. They paved the way for a slew of other girl groups to follow in their footsteps. Since then, ultra-short shorts have been a staple of girl group performance attire. They even continue to have an impact in Kpop these days.

Looking back at these photos, not only SONE, but all Kpop fans, can’t help but think about the golden age of Kpop. Hopefully, the girls will make a great comeback to delight their fans and the audience.

Source: k14

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