Kim Jong-kook, “I had a bad personality until my 20s… I had to fight back whenever I was at a disadvantage”

Singer Kim Jong-kook looked back on his personality and relationships.

Kim Jong-kook recently uploaded a video titled “MBTI test… Please do it again… (Feat. Jeon So-min)” on his Youtube channel “GYM JONGKOOK”.

In the released video, Kim Jong-kook appeared together with Jeon So-min. First, he looked at Jeon So-min’s hat and asked, “Did you knit that hat yourself?”. Jeon So-min asked back, “You don’t do your hair, so how on earth… Is that a wig?”

Kim Jong-kook replied, “Mine just stays this way. It’s slightly curly”. Jeon So-min then commented, “Blood type AB with slightly curly hair. You’re the worst of a kind”. Kim Jong-kook said, “This is why I invited you. So-min tends to classify people with personality, blood type and MBTI. In general, she has lots of information on such things.”

kim jong kook jeon so min youtube

Jeon So-min shared, “According to the elderly, men with inturned teeth, curly hair, and wears glasses shouldn’t be meddled with”. In response, Kim Jong-kook said, “I’m stubborn, but I don’t like causing trouble to other people”.

kim jong kook jeon so min youtube

Kim Jong-kook then confessed, “I think I had a bad personality until my 20s. I was outspoken about things that I should’ve held back or not say. Back then, when I was young and was a singer, if someone put pressure on me, it felt as if I was at disadvantage. Then I had to go against that. Now that I think about it, that’s what it was. I could’ve just said ‘Oh, fine’ nicely and come to a mutual agreement. But back then, I had to fight back whenever I was at a disadvantage.”

kim jong kook jeon so min youtube

He explained, “When it’s over, I feel relieved, but it’s misleading to many people. At some point, I thought ‘Let’s be a better person’. If you go over it once, it’s nothing. So I started to change my personality.”

Jeon So-min then revealed her worries, saying, “Being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean you’re grown up. Because these days, I feel that my thoughts were more mature in the past. And you don’t know me fully, either.”

kim jong kook jeon so min youtube

Kim Jong-kook replied, “That’s right, I don’t. There was a process where I got to know So-min a lot, so now I know about you a little. I’m talking about these various things because I care for So-min”, showing his warm heart as a senior.

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