The photo of Red Velvet Seulgi’s shirt being bitten and torn by a dog shocks fans

Red Velvet’s Seulgi became a hot topic with her recent update.

On June 25th, a photo that Seulgi sent to her fans on Bubble was posted on the online community theqoo. In the released picture, Seulgi’s is being bitten by a dog at a cafe in Jeju Island.


Fans who saw the picture commented, “Ah, so cute”, “The dog bites her shirt. It must be made of good material”, “They are playing tug a war”, “I feel so sorry for her clothes but the person who took this picture is also so funny”, etc.


Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s Seulgi performed at the 28th Dream Concert, which was held at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium in Jamsil-dong, Seoul on the evening of June 18th.

red velvet seulgi

Source: wikitree

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