“We respect our students’ diverse gender identity,” here comes a uniform that both boys and girls can wear

A Japanese high school is drawing attention after choosing “skirt pants” as its school uniform, in consideration of its students.

On Jan 12th, Japanese media “Kobe Newspaper NEXT” published an article about the introduction of a new type of school uniform at Yamazaki High School in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. The school recently introduced the culotte, which is the so-called “skirt pants” that look like a skirt but are actually shorts.

The school explained, “The decision was made in consideration of our students’ diverse gender identities.” This school has already allowed its students to choose between skirts and pants, ties and ribbons regardless of gender since 2020.

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The decisive factor in this change started from a lecture on campus. Maeda Ryo (40), a transgender man, shared his experiences in front of students at Yamazaki High School last year.

Since then, the students who listened to Ryo’s lecture have begun to express their opinion to their school that they don’t like the divided choices between skirts and pants.

Since then, Yamazaki High School has reviewed the introduction of the culotte, and about 70% of students voted in favor of it. The culotte will eventually be adopted as an official school uniform this year.

japanese uniform

Students are happy with the new culotte uniform, saying, “It’s easy to move and ride a bicycle freely in it,” “It’s easier to show my individuality due to increased options,” and “It’s warmer and more innovative than skirts.”

Yamazaki High School also plans to introduce a new navy polo shirt that prevents underwear from being seen in the summer.

Source: Wikitree

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