The way BTS member J-Hope called IU, who is one year older than him, surprised everyone

BTS’s J-Hope drew attention with the address term that he used to call IU.

On July 28th, a video titled “[IU’s Palette] j-hope In The Palette (With j-hope) Ep.14” was uploaded on IU’s official Youtube Channel.

J-Hope appeared as a guest in the video. IU and J-Hope, who talked with each other for the first time that day, began by finding their common things to solve the awkward atmosphere.

IU then asked J-Hope, “What are your standards of shyness?”, adding “I don’t feel any shyness right now”. 

J-Hope replied, “I definitely feel more nervous before meeting a new person. I’m pretty good after actually meeting them. I go over the situation in my head”. IU smiled and said, “I think we have different standards of shyness. From my standard, you’re not shy at all.”

J-Hope then said, “Then I guess I’m not shy. Noona is totally right”. He naturally called IU ‘noona (older sister)’.

IU reacted, “I think I’m a year older”. J-Hope continued, “So I was concerned about how to address you. This is our first meeting so… I kept wondering ‘senior IU? IU noona?’. During the pre-interview, I even called you ‘elder noona’”, drawing laughter.

IU was born in 1993 while J-Hope was born in 1994. The two are one year apart. 

Source: wikitree

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