Final 10 trainees of HYBE’s Dream Academy “Sisters with different nationalities”

The final 10 trainees of HYBE’s “Dream Academy”, who gathered in Korea with the dream of debut, revealed their close bond towards each other

The online interview ahead of the “Finale Live” stage on Nov 10th featured trainees Emily, Samara, Manon, Marquise, Yoonchae, Megan, Sophia, Daniela, Lara and Ezrela.

Dream Academy

“Dream Academy”, a global girl group audition program organized by HYBE and Universal Music Group (UMG)’s label Geffen Records, features trainees from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds competing fiercely for their debut.

The significance of “Dream Academy” lies in HYBE’s artist development system, known for making BTS a global boy group, being initiated for the first time in the pop genre’s home country, the United States.

Dream Academy

During the interview, the 10 trainees who passed Mission 3 and secured spots for the “Finale Live” stage expressed their feelings. Sophia from the Philippines and Lara from the United States secured the top 2 positions. Following them, Ezrela from Australia, Daniela from the United States, Emily from the United States, Samara from Brazil, Manon from Switzerland, Marquise from Thailand, Megan from the United States and Yoonchae from Korea filled the remaining spots. Nayoung from Korea, who ranked 3rd, chose to leave the competition to pursue her dream as a solo artist.

Yoonchae, the only Korean member, expressed excitement and nervousness about the “Finale Live” stage, considering it a significant moment to showcase their hard work and bond. Lara mentioned the pressure and tension on stage but also emphasized the excitement and pride in reaching the final point after a long journey.

Dream Academy

Sophia described the relationships among the trainees as “sisters”, acknowledging the strong connection formed during their time together. She expressed love for the bond created, even with the elimination of some members, and considered the relationships as valuable gifts.

The final 10 trainees have impressed global fans with exceptional skills throughout various missions. They highlighted Mission 3 as the most memorable, where they performed live on stage with a direct ticket to the finale.

The interview provided insights into each trainee’s experience with the mission songs, showcasing their growth and adaptability. Lara reflected on expressing her identity through Demi Lovato’s “Confident”, while Daniela found that “Buttons” by The Pussycat Dolls aligned well with her personality and was an optimal song to showcase her charm. Emily described the challenge of taking on the iconic Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” and the excitement of adding their own choreography to the renowned original.

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