Actor Ryu Seong Hyun talked about his domestic violence scenes in “The Glory”, “Song Hye Kyo said I looked scary”

“The Glory” Ryu Seong Hyun revealed his thoughts about playing a character who commits domestic violence.

On March 24th, the Youtube channel “근황올림픽” uploaded a new video featuring actor Ryu Seong Hyun, who played the role of Hyeon Nam (Yeom Hye Ran)’s husband in Netflix’s original series “The Glory” (written by Kim Eun Sook/ directed by Ahn Gil Ho).

When asked if people recognized him after his appearance in “The Glory”, Ryu Seong Hyun smiled and said, “I was walking on the street, then some people saw me and they were like, ‘Oh!’. I actually can’t drink alcohol. Others think I’m the type of person who likes drinking alcohol, but I’m not like that.”

Ryu Seong-hyeon

He continued, “I had so much reading the script. They said all I needed was to get criticized and cursed at. But I’ve never hit anyone before. I did it in the first shoot. I didn’t even wear makeup or style my hair, and my clothes were always the same.”

Ryu Seong Hyun added, “When I asked writer Kim Eun Sook if my character could show a good side in the flashback scenes, she replied, ‘There shouldn’t be any. You just have to die’”, drawing laughter.

In addition, the actor said, “Song Hye Kyo also said I looked too scary. During rehearsals, she asked me, ‘Are you going to be this scary?'”

Ryu Seong Hyun then shed tears while talking about the character Hyeon Nam. He explained, “Hyeon Nam was portrayed so well. I cried a lot when watching her. Even now, when I think about the emotions at that time, my eyes tear up and my heart aches.”

Ryu Seong-hyeon

He continued, “I thought Hyeon Nam’s husband was just naturally evil. I hope people don’t think he hit her because he was drunk. Seok Jae should just be considered a bad guy.”

Revealing his concerns about his acting career, the actor shared, “Reality hit me when I reach mid-40s. I have been acting for a long time, but no one recognizes me. There was a time when I had lots of worries. At that time, I met director Lee Joon Ik and he told me, ‘You can be an actor’”, expressing his gratitude to Lee Joon Ik.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” is a series that tells about the revenge plan carefully designed by a woman whose soul was broken due to the school violence experiences in her childhood and people who fall into the whirlwinds of her revenge.

Source: Nate

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