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‘Youngster’ Song Ji-hyo, “I’ve learned a lot of trends lately, I’m NewJeans today”

On today’s (26th) broadcast of SBS ‘Running Man,’ the members’ attempts to catch up with the latest trend of ‘memes’ will be revealed.

Recently, the official ‘Running Man‘ YouTube channel has gained great attention with the video ‘Meme Death Sentence zip’ surpassing 750,000 views. This video features members who want to follow any hot trend, and viewers have shown a heated response, saying “That meme got a death sentence too” and “They don’t know it, but their confidence is the best.”

Running Man

In a recent recording, the members carried out a game using ‘memes’ from dramas, songs, and trendy phrases. Sensitive to the trend, the members immersed themselves in the game from the start, saying, “I am a Jeon So-meme” and “We are totally MZ (generation).”

In particular, Song Ji-hyo appeared dressed in a hip-hop style from the opening and heated up the atmosphere by saying, “I am NewJeans today, I’ve learned a lot of trends lately” with strong confidence.

Running Man

As the game began and various memes poured in, the members showed confused expressions. On the other hand, Song Ji-hyo, who is rapidly rising as a ‘youngster’ these days, drew laughter by writing bizarre wrong answers and creating new memes. The members admired her efforts, saying, “Youngsters are different” and “As expected, she’s trendy,” arousing curiosity.

The achievements of ‘Young Ji-hyo,’ who has emerged as a leader in trends, can be seen on ‘Running Man,’ which will be broadcast at 6:20 PM today.

Source: Daum

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