Gummy, “I caught my husband Jo Jung Suk having a daytime drink with my mom and talking behind my back through our home camera”

Singer Gummy (41 years old) revealed her daily life with her husband Jo Jung Suk (42 years old) on “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2”.

Gummy appeared as a guest on episode 270 of SBS’s program “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny”, which aired on December 12th. In 2018, Gummy married actor Jo Jung Suk after 5 years of dating and has one daughter.

On the broadcast, Gummy bragged about her husband, saying “Each husband on the show has a good point, but my husband has them all. He has Im Chang Jung’s sense of humor, Moon Jae Wan’s positive energy, and Oh Sang Jin’s intelligence”.

gummy jo jung seok

She also mentioned Jo Jung Suk’s unexpected charm. Gummy said, “He normally looks like a humorous and funny person, but he is actually more serious and silent than you think. He’s mostly reserved and serious, also a little bit conservative”.

When asked, “Jo Jung Suk looks so perfect. Do you find anything that he lacks?”, Gummy said, “I always tell everyone, even to myself, that my husband is both a genius and a fool. He learns things quickly and can focus well on the fields he likes. On the other hand, he knows nothing about the fields he’s not interested in. But I find that side of him really cute. I think there’s no human without flaws”, showing her affection for her husband.


In addition, when asked, “Is Jo Jung Suk good at organizing things?”, Gummy replied, “Ah… He’s not the style who would organize everything. That’s mostly done by me. But he’s not a messy person. He puts all the clothes, pants, T-shirts, and coats he wears in one place”.

When the MC said, “Even Jo Jung Suk can’t be a perfect person. That’s why Gummy often nags him?”, the female singer said, “I told him, ‘You just need to put this here’, a few times, but if he doesn’t do that, I’ll just do it myself. Isn’t he cute? He only needs to put things in one place every time. But he did try his best to follow my words”, revealing the fool side of her husband.


Gummy confessed, “Like Ayumi’s husband, my husband also has lots of hobbies. He bought many things without me knowing. Rather than expensive items, there are things that make me wonder, ‘What are these things for?’. Not long ago, he bought something like a helmet, or goggles or a suncap, but it has a unique shape for mowing grasses.”

In addition, Gummy revealed that she caught Jo Jung Suk talking behind her back with my mother. She said, “My husband is really good at talking and he often calls my mother ‘Mrs. Mommy’ or ‘Mrs. King Gummy’. One day, I went out for a schedule and let my husband and my mom took care of the baby. I was wondering what they were doing, so I looked at our home camera. I found them putting the baby on the chair then drinking and chatting with each other during the daytime. I can even hear what they were talking about. My mom said I was so strict, and my husband agreed”, drawing laughter.


She continued, “Later, I asked my husband about that and he just laughed and felt even more embarrassed. I couldn’t even nag him”. In response, Kim Sook and Lee Ji Hye reacted, “He really has no flaw.”

Source: Daum

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