Who is the idol that perfectly portrayed the villain Prince Uiseong in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”?

Kang Chan Hee, who played the first villain role in his career in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” expressed his feelings about the drama.

Kang Chan Hee played the role of Prince Uiseong, who did bad things without hesitation to take back the Crown Prince position he thought was supposed to be his, in the tvN drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella.” At first, he was a villain with the help of his mother (Ok Ja Yeon) and maternal grandfather (Kim Eui Sung), but as the drama reached its latter half, he raised tension in the show as an upgraded villain who participated in murdering, and even treason.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella

In particular, Prince Uiseong, played by Kang Chan Hee, drew attention as a new villain type that has not been seen in Korean historical dramas. In response, Kang Chan Hee has portrayed various sides of Prince Uiseong, from the pathetic and boorish aspect to his tragic end by controlling the tension of his tone, voice, and vocalization.

In the process, he earned various nicknames from the angered viewers of “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” such as “Joseon’s Malfoy” and “Low-level Troll”.

kang Chan-hee the queen's umbrella

Kang Chan Hee said, “It was my honor to be able to work with the ‘Under The Queen’s Umbrella’ team. Prince Uiseong was a new challenge for me, and this role was very meaningful because it was a time I got to learn new things while acting.”

“I am also very grateful to the senior actors, staff, and directors who gave me advice and help me on the filming site. Based on what I learned this time, I will greet you with a more mature appearance. In addition, although I am still lacking a lot, I sincerely thank the viewers of ‘Under The Queen’s Umbrella’ for watching until the end,” he said.

kang Chan-hee the queen's umbrella

Kang Chan Hee, who expanded his acting spectrum once again by playing Prince Uiseong, will continue his music career as a member of SF9. Through the “2022 SF9 LIVE FANTASY #4 DELIGHT TOUR,” he traveled to New York, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles on Nov 30th to meet global fans.

Source: Wikitree

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