“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” ended with its highest rating of 14.1%… “Kim Hye Soo, mom’s great umbrella”

tvN’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” (written by Park Ba Ra, directed by Kim Hyung Sik) ended with its highest rating.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella” aired the final episode 14 on Dec 4th. According to the viewership rating research company Nielsen Korea, it recorded an average rating of 14.1% (based on households nationwide).

the queen's umbrella

This is its highest rating. It also ranked first among its competitors that aired at the same time on all channels, including terrestrial channels (both in the metropolitan area and nationwide).

“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” started with 7.6% in the first episode (Oct 15th). It gradually increased to 7.8% in episode 5, 11.8% in episode 8, 12.3% in episode 10 and 13.4% in episode 12.

In the final episode, the last story of Queen Hwa Ryeong (Kim Hye Soo) was depicted. As she tried to find out the truth, she faced the royal family’s terrible secret.

the queen's umbrella

She persuaded King Yi Ho (Choi Won Young) to correct the distorted history. Hwa Ryeong comforted Yi Ho’s wounded heart caused by Queen Dowager (Kim Hae Sook).

Everything fell back into place. Yi Ho reflected on his mistake. Everyone had a normal daily life. Hwa Ryeong ran again to supervise her children. She had a happy face.

kim hye soo the queen's umbrella

The highlight was the ending. Hwa Ryeong always covered her children with an umbrella to keep them from getting wet in the rain. Now, Grand Prince Seongnam (Moon Sang Min) covered the rain for Hwa Ryeong.

Hwa Ryeong gave that love to another person again. She became everyone’s “umbrella“. The drama compared maternal love to an umbrella. It left deep lingering feelings.

“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” delivered messages through various ways of love by mothers. There was also wise love, and it became a tool to fill deficiency and greed.

moon sang min

Independent female characters also stood out. They reflected modern values such as female solidarity and tolerance for social minorities.

Above all, the actors’ passionate performances shone. In particular, Kim Hye Soo expressed a dynamic Hwa Ryeong instead of the static image she had drawn in previous historical dramas.

the queen's umbrella

She completed a bold character with her full-of-spirit voice and charisma. Her desperate motherly love performance made everyone cry.

She drew a Queen that thinks of everyone. She emphasized the meaning that everyone should be recognized and protected equally beyond social status and gender.

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