The reason why Im Si-wan was kicked by Song Kang-ho

The video of actor Song Kang-ho kicking Im Si-wan’s stomach is being re-examined.

Im Si-wan

On Feb 6th, a video titled “The reason why Im Si-wan never drinks with Song Kang-ho” was posted on the YouTube channel “Drama Gallery“.

Drama Gallery” said, “At the press conference of ‘The Attorney’, Im Si-wan revealed an anecdote that he was scolded a lot by Song Kang-ho for being inexperienced since it was his first movie. Song Kang-ho, who was embarrassed by Im Si-wan’s revelation, explained that the reason he scolded him wasn’t because he couldn’t act, but because he wanted to strengthen Im Si-wan’s state of mind ahead of filming the torture scene.”

They added, “In addition, the relationship between Song Kang-ho and Im Si-wan was controversial during the stage greeting of ‘The Attorney’. This is because a video of Im Si-wan being pushed backwards by Song Kang-ho’s kick was released. On this day, Im Si-wan danced to lighten the mood. As soon as he approached Song Kang-ho, Song Kang-ho kicked his stomach. At the time, netizens were shocked to see this video.”

Finally, they claimed, “Song Kang-ho and Im Si-wan met once again through the movie ‘Emergency Declaration’, which is scheduled to be released in the first half of this year. It is said that Song Kang-ho had many problems at this time as well. Recently, the YouTube channel ‘Garosero Research Institute’ uploaded a video titled ‘Song Kang-ho’s assault video (Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, Im Si-wan)’. During a drinking party, Lee Byung-hun went home while Song Kang-ho went to the bathroom. It is said that Song Kang-ho screamed and ran riot after knowing this.”

Currently, the authenticity of this video has not been revealed. However, videos of Song Kang-ho kicking Im Si-wan‘s stomach can be found on various YouTube channels.

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