The expensive endorsement rates of BLACKPINK’s rapper duo 

Here is how much Jennie and Lisa of BLACKPINK get paid for their activities outside of the group. 

In BLACKPINK, Jennie and Lisa are known as a duo of pretty, talented and charming rappers. Not only enjoying fame as idol singers, the two also succeed in fashion and advertising. With their global fame, it comes as no surprise that they get paid a lot of money. 

Endorsement rates of BLACKPINK
Jennie and Lisa are known for both talents and visuals 

Having a unique charisma and popularity all around the world, Jennie has become the pick of many famous brands. To have Jennie represent their products, brands have to spend huge amounts of money. Recently, the company Ace Bed mentioned the cost of booking BLACKPINK’s main rapper to be an advertising model for their products.

Endorsement rates of BLACKPINK
Jennie has a high income. 

Accordingly, this brand revealed that Jennie’s endorsement rate for a contract is at least 700 million won and the highest can reach 1 billion won. This number is mind-blowing. But in return, thanks to Jennie, Ace Bed’s profits have increased significantly.

Endorsement rates of BLACKPINK
Brands are willing to spend a fortune to have Jennie as their models 

Jennie has long been known to have a high income. Aside from activities with BLACKPINK, she also earns a lot of money from solo schedules, especially ambassador contracts and endorsement deals for major brands.

Her ambassadorial salary is reportedly up to 60,000 USD per year. In 2020, YouTuber KOOKIELIT analyzed that in a year, the main rapper of BLACKPINK can earn more than 8 million USD.

Endorsement rates of BLACKPINK
Jennie’s income is admirable 

A Thai news site recently revealed the price to invite Lisa to participate in a promotional event. Specifically, the rates are clearly specified as follows:

– Join an event for about 2 hours: 5 million baht 

– Appear in a TV series: 10 million baht

– Appear in a movie: 5 million baht

– Represent a brand: 20 million baht 

Endorsement rates of BLACKPINK
Not only Jennie, Lisa also gets paid a lot 

Despite her high salary, many brands are still not afraid to spend large amounts of money to get Lisa. In 2019, Thailand’s largest telecommunications corporation once invited a female idol with an endorsement rate of 450,000 USD. In addition, when the youngest member of BLACKPINK became the coach of Idol Produce, she also earned hundreds of dollars. 

In fact, Jennie and Lisa are considered to be the two richest members of BLACKPINK. According to Soulspage magazine, the Thai female idol is at the top of the group when she owns a fortune of about 15 million USD. Lisa is also one of the young female idols included in the top 30 richest K-pop idols in 2021.

Endorsement rates of BLACKPINK
The female idol is sought after by many brands.

Meanwhile, Jennie is as competitive when she has a fortune of about 10 million USD. People are not too surprised with the above figure, because the female idol owns a series of valuable advertising contracts. She is a familiar face for many leading fashion brands and magazines such as Calvin Klein, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, or Vogue. More than that, the Solo vocalist is the ambassador of the famous fashion brand Chanel. 

Endorsement rates of BLACKPINK
Jennie is favored by many brands.

Not only the above 2 female idols, the remaining members of BLACKPINK also have a huge income. At the end of 2019, a website specializing in the statistics of the artist Celebrity Net Worth once revealed that the net worth of all 4 girls could be up to 32 million USD.

Endorsement rates of BLACKPINK
BLACKPINK is increasingly attractive in the advertising market.

As a K-pop idol, the salary of Jennie and Lisa is extremely high. However, considering the profits they can bring in the marketing strategy, there are indeed many brands that do not hesitate to spend even more on this rapper duo. 

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