“Juvenile Justice” Kim Hye Soo: Korea’s talented and attractive “sex symbol” who likes to stay out of drama but struggles due to her mother’s scandal

With the role of judge Sim Eun Seok in “Juvenile Justice”, Kim Hye Soo has once again affirmed her position in the industry. 

After the “All Of Us Are Dead” craze, Netflix’s new original series about legal and crime, “Juvenile Justice” has continued to attract much attention. According to Flixpatrol, “Juvenile Justice” is in the Top 7 most watched Netflix TV shows globally after only a week of release. In the series, Kim Hye Soo (Judge Sim Eun Seok) co-stars Kim Moo Yul (Deputy Judge Cha Tae Joon), Lee Sung Min (Chief Judge Kang Won Jung), Lee Jung Eun (Head Judge Na Geun Hee), …

Kim Hye Soo

“Juvenile Justice” is the first Korean juvenile legal drama that has resonated in many years. Kim Hye Soo transforms into a tough, straightforward and uncompromising female judge. She “terrifies” others inside a juvenile court with her strong arguments, a professional attitude, and how harsh she is on minor offenders. 

The cold and distant judge 

“Don’t trust the kids too much. They’re lying half of the time.”

Judge Sim Eun Seok

At first, viewers may mistake Sim Eun Seok for a female judge who detests juvenile delinquents for no reason, but the more you watch, the more shocked you will be at what the “kids” can do. They find loopholes in the law to plot crimes. Working in the court for more than 10 years, Sim Eun Seok always makes fair judgments, terrifying the young offenders and the parties involved.

Kim Hye Soo

Typically, in the case of Baek Seung Woo (13 years old) admitting to murder for Han Ye Eun (16 years old), both are accomplices in the kidnapping and murder of 9-year-old boy Ji Hu in the same apartment. Initially, because he wants to cover for Ye Eun, Seung Woo takes all the blame on himself. With strong arguments and practical experience, judge Sim then exposes these lies in court. In the end, Seung Woo receives a 2-year sentence in a reformatory, while Ye Eun receives 20 years in prison.

A scary judge in front of everyone, but hidden behind is a person who carries many thoughts, always looking for ways to save children who have lost their way in life.

Kim Hye Soo

Although the viewers have been familiar with the image of Kim Hye Soo playing tough and feisty female characters, her performance in “Juvenile Justice” still stuns. The drama has received many positive reviews for its plot and the acting of the cast.  

  • Kim Hye Soo is legendary in Signal and Hyena. Juvenile Justice is really compelling too. At first I thought the pace was slow, but her judgments at the end are not only touching but also refreshing. It shows how terrifying it is to hold a young or old person accountable for their crime to set an example for the rest of society. It makes you reflect on whether the judgments of society are fair.
  • It’s like an American TV show. Every case changes at a rapid pace without any grit. From storyline to cinematography, what a great drama

The multi-talented “sex symbol” of Korea 

Kim Hye Soo, born September 5, 1970, is a famous actress whose acting is widely acknowledged. She is known for her roles in The Thieves (2012), Coin Locker Girl (2015), Familyhood (2016), Signal (2016), Hyena (2020) and most recently Juvenile Justice (2022).

In 1986, when she was just 16 years old, Kim Hye Soo started her career with her first role in the movie ”Ggambo”.  With a strong image in the role of schoolgirl Na Young, Kim Hye Soo won the Best New Actress award at the 23rd Baeksang Arts Awards.

In addition to being an actress, she also became a singer, MC and advertising model.  The song “Beautiful World” performed by Kim Hye Soo was favored by radio stations and was played continuously during 1988. After the success of “Ggambo”, the actress continued to try different roles in many  projects such as: Samogok (1987), Sun Shim-yi (1988), Senoya (1989),… From an actress with a young career, Kim Hye Soo broke through to the position of A-list female star in just a few years.

She always prepares carefully before making an announcement confirming her participation in a project.  From the role of a pure and innocent schoolgirl to the tough police roles, Kim Hye Soo always performs well in all her roles.  The defining feature of her roles is: “women are not allowed to be weak”.  Always knowing how to reinvent herself, Kim Hye Soo never let her fans down.

The actress born in 1970 is one of the few people who have won three major awards in Korean cinema such as: Blue Dragon Award, Baeksang Arts Award, Daejong Film Award.

First time got into scandals due to her mother

Over 30 years in showbiz, Kim Hye Soo had never been caught in a scandal.  However in 2019, the actress’s mother suffered a gambling debt of up to $ 1.1 million, causing her to fall into crisis for a while.  In a speech, Hye Soo confided: “During that time I was completely devastated. My mother’s case began to be reported in 2018 but I have known about this debt since 2012. I was so shocked that I almost couldn’t work. It’s the first time I’ve experienced something of such a horrible level.”

In the statement to the press, Kim Hye Soo said that although she has been trying to solve her mother’s financial problems for many years.  But the two eventually cut off all ties in 2012 when Kim Hye Soo learned that her mother was saddled with such a large debt that her wealth at the time could not cover it.

On the screen, the audience will see a hardworking Kim Hye Soo.  And in real life, the actress is also a kind person.  She is loved by everyone as she constantly sends coffee trucks to the filming set to support her colleagues and juniors such as: Lee Sang Yeob, Kim Min Seok, Lee Byung Hun, Han Ji Min,…

10 episodes of “Juvenile Justice” are now available in full on Netflix.

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