Son Ye-jin’s Hyun Bin is such a handsome groom-to-be, a visual that will discourage even people in their 20s

Hyun Bin updated his recent situation on SNS. 

Actor Hyun Bin‘s agency VAST Entertainment said on its official Instagram on the afternoon of March 3rd, “Did you enjoy tea time with Hyun Bin? I’m giving you Bin-neu of the day to keep that lingering evening.”

It also added the hashtags, “#THESOON_Run_until_12:00 #Let’s_meet_in_your_dream #online_fanmeeting.”

The photo released together with the caption this time shows Hyun Bin at the online fan meeting site.

Above all, Hyun Bin drew attention from viewers with the warmer visuals of a prospective groom who is about to get married.

Oh Jeong-yeon Hyun Bin

Broadcaster Oh Jung-yeon said on her Instagram in the afternoon of March 3rd, “This content that has been taken a while ago but can now be opened.” She also added, “In the meantime, #HyunBin, congratulations on the good news.”

In the photo released together this time, Oh Jung-yeon appeared in a selfie with Hyun Bin. Oh Jung-yeon smiled shyly while Hyun Bin‘s sculpture-like visual stood out, drawing attention from viewers.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin has chosen the movie “Harbin” as his next film. “Harbin”, directed by Woo Min-ho, is a spy action masterpiece set in Harbin in the early 1900s and tells the story of independence fighters who risked their lives to regain their homeland. Hyun Bin will perform complex emotional acting along with action scenes while portraying the loneliness of those who lost their homeland living in the era of anxiety and responsibility in the midst of the independence movement, at risk of their lives. Hyun Bin is also preparing for his wedding with actress Son Ye-jin in March.

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