Fans found another sign of BLACKPINK’s long-awaited comeback 

BLACKPINK has gone over 500 days without a comeback. The hiatus has lasted for so long that netizens think BLACKPINK members have now become full-time models instead of singers. 

The last time BLACKPINK performed together on stage was a long time ago 

When Somi accidentally leaked a snippet of BLACKPINK’s unreleased song on her Instagram live, fans got all excited because this meant the girls were preparing to release new music. However, it has been a while since then yet YG still refuses to make an official announcement about the comeback. For K-pop fans, waiting for male idols to complete their military service is not as long as waiting for YG to let BLACKPINK return. 


Recently, BLACKPINK’s famous choreographer Kiel Tutin has motivated fans to keep waiting with an Instagram story revealing his upcoming flight schedule to Korea. This makes fans guess that he is returning to Korea for work that is more or less related to YG and especially BLACKPINK. Is the “discharge” date of BLACKPINK coming soon?

However, BLINKs have been clowned many times by comeback rumors, signs, and spoilers that they are not even excited anymore. Fans say they will only believe the comeback is happening once YG drops a teaser. 

Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022
Remember when Jennie said the girls are preparing for a comeback? Fans are asking her why it is taking so long! 

Fans’ reaction when they saw BLACKPINK’s choreographer coming to Korea:

  • Other idols: frequent comebacks, appearance at award shows, concerts, entertainment programs. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK: magazine covers, advertising campaigns, collaborations with brands, unknown overseas schedules 
  • iKON is likely to make a comeback before BLACKPINK. Kiel Tutin choreographs for many groups. I heard he is returning to Korea to meet with aespa. 
  • BLACKPINK is not coming back in May. June will be the earliest because iKON is already preparing for a comeback. 
  • Kiel Tutin works with so many groups, not only BLACKPINK… 
  • I’m only believing once there is a comeback poster 
BLINKs are no longer interested in BLACKPINK comeback rumors
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