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Jeon So-min is in danger… Song Ji-hyo’s action surprises everyone

The sight of Song Ji-hyo taking care of Jeon So-min drew netizens’ attention.

Running Man-Jeon So-min-Song Ji-hyo

On SBS’ “Running Man” which aired on April 10th, a self-sufficient race was held to mark Ji Suk-jin’s retirement as “Running Man’s Captain”. On this day, Ji Suk-jin and other members bet on dish-washing and 200 jump ropes.

When Ji Suk-jin jumped the rope, Song Ji-hyo, who was in the back, protected Jeon So-min, who was lying on her lap, by covering her face with her hand for fear that Jeon So-min would get hurt.

Netizens who saw the scene left comments such as “It’s sweet of her to protect Jeon So-min.” Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min have been working together as “Meongdol Sisters” on “Running Man” since 2017.

Running Man-Jeon So-min-Song Ji-hyo
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