Lee Min Ho was criticized for the unimpressive performance in the new drama, even inferior than the female lead

Lee Min Ho has indeed changed a lot for his new role, but the results are still not very positive.

Han Su in Pachinko is a role that Lee Min Ho considers as a new beginning in his career, he even went to casting to get this role, which he has not had to do for the past 13 years. The audience is extremely hopeful when this is a role that has all the things that Lee Min Ho did not dare to do before, like hot scenes, poverty, and a villain.


It is undeniable that in the first developments, Lee Min Ho impressed viewers when appearing with the image of a man who had gone through a lot, with an appearance that made many young girls fall in love. His interaction with the female lead Kim Min Ha is also quite stable. But at the later stage, when Han Su turned the tables, declaring that he had a wife and children, then struggled because he saw his loved one get married and even sell their love token, Lee Min Ho’s expression is considered to be rather weak. Compared to a rookie like Kim Min Ha, Lee Min Ho is considered too inferior. In fact, right from the hot scene, Kim Min Ha was the one who “carried the team” when the whole scene only focused on her expression. When they appeared in the same scene, it can be said that Kim Min Ha’s expressions were even better than Lee Min Ho’s.


Audience’s reaction to Lee Min Ho’s acting in Pachinko:

  • I feel like Lee Min Ho hasn’t made any progress despite being praised by the media.
  • I have to admit that Lee Min Ho is very handsome, his appearance suits the character perfectly but his acting is not enough. He couldn’t describe the true Han Soo in the original novel. 
  • The first few episodes were fine. The nearer to the end, the worse Lee Min Ho acted. The hot scene of him is the only thing that got into my mind though Lee Min Ho didn’t do anything much in that. 
  • The female lead saved the drama. Kim Min Ha’s acting was so good that I got chills. 
Kim Min Ha
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