(G)I-DLE Soyeon, “I was the first person to leave the dorm. As time goes by, I’m starting to miss the dorm life”

(G)I-DLE member Soyeon revealed the reason she moved out of the dorm first.

(G)I-DLE members Miyeon, Soyeon and Yuqi appeared in the new video of “TEO” original Youtube content “Salon Drip” released on June 27th.

Jang Do Yeon mentioned the news of (G)I-DLE members moving out of their dorm, saying “Is there any rumor you want to explain? Who started living independently first? Did you leave the dorm because you felt tired of the dorm life?”.


Soyeon, who was the first member to leave the dorm, explained, “I have a studio outside the dorm. I kept sleeping at the studio because of my work, so I decided to combine the studio and a house and moved there two years ago.”

Following Soyeon, Shuhua was the second member to move out of the dorm.

Jang Do Yeon wondered, “Other members started to leave the dorm naturally starting from Shuhua, right?”, and the members agreed. Revealing herself as the dorm guardian, Miyeon shared, “I’m still living in the dorm. They just moved out recently. It hasn’t been that long. Minnie even held a housewarming party”.

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Jang Do Yeon then asked if the members felt lonely after leaving the dorm. Soyeon confessed, “I feel lonely living alone these days. It wasn’t like that at first, but as time goes by, I’m starting to miss the dorm life”. However, when Jang Do Yeon suggested the members live together again, Soyeon immediately refused it, saying “I don’t miss it that much”.

Source: Nate

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