K-netizens Re-examine BLACKPINK & BTS’s RM Interactions With Murakami Following NewJeans’s Controversial Collab

It turns out that NewJeans is not the only K-pop group that collaborated with Murakami

Controversy arose over NewJeans using the character of their collaboration with Murakami as their Japanese album cover. It is because the meaning behind the Murakami flower is related to the painful history of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


After the controversy was raised, other netizens pointed out that it was not the first time the Murakami was used in collaborations. According to an article in theqoo, BLACKPINK also collaborated with Murakami to produce a special version of their lightstick and various different kinds of merchandise, such as T-shirts, keyrings, etc.

In addition, BTS’s leader RM is also known to be a fan of Murakami’s artworks and even visited the artist’s exhibition.

rm bts takashi murakami

In response, other netizens commented:

– BLACKPINK and BTS’s RM were also criticized a lot back then, but you guys are bringing up the issues again just to shield NewJeans

– BLACKPINK used to face criticism for the same issue, why are people dragging them into controversy again?

– Even if he went to the exhibition, he never collected his artworks. It’s just an article used for promotions. In fact, it is another member who likes Murakami’s artworks. I don’t understand why people are criticizing RM

– They are dragging as many names into this to shield NewJeansㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can clearly see through your intention. I won’t get fooled

– The image on the album cover stays there forever. In the case of BLACKPINK, it’s just a temporary collaboration

– Wow, he even visited the artist’s studio?

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