Han So-hee’s beautiful bare face in her new drama “My Name” surprised the viewers

In “My Name”, Han So-hee mostly appeared with a makeup-less face but was still able to show off her outstanding visual.

Han So-hee has been known to own a beautiful appearance that seems to outshine her acting. She always appears with a neat and bright outlook in most of her works, including the emotional shots or the R-rated scenes. That’s why audiences were amazed to see her new battered image. It is revealed by Han So-hee herself that she didn’t even wear makeup to perfect her character.

During a recent press interview, Han So-hee shared, “Wearing no makeup while filming was my idea. It sounds like a lie if I say I didn’t put any makeup on my face, not even lip balm. However, I did try to make up as little as possible.”

The actress also added, “There were many scenes when I showed up with my bare face. It’s just I felt that Jiwoo, my character, should appear with no makeup. Rather than showing her natural beauty, I just wanted to portray her raw outlook. Instead of wearing a mask, I want to show off her real appearance.”

Han So-hee My Name
A close-up shot to Han So-hee’s no-makeup face
Han So-hee My Name
Even with a bare face, her skin still looks great
Han So-hee My Name
Not only did she not makeup, but she also had to make herself look battered for the action scenes
Han So-hee My Name
Therefore, Han So-hee perfectly portrayed “raw” image of her character

Not to mention Han So-hee‘s acting skill, only her decision to appear with a bare face on-screen has received lots of compliments from the viewers. Moreover, many audiences were really surprised by her beautiful face without makeup.

Han So-hee My Name

My Name is currently available on Netflix with all episodes released.

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