This female idol promoted her group while working part-time at a restaurant

A past story about Yoo-kyung, a member of the seven-member girl group Alice, is being re-examined.

Recently, an article titled “A girl group member who promotes her group when working part-time” was re-posted on the online community FM Korea. Articles with the same story were introduced to some communities last year.

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Accordingly, Internet user A went to a restaurant in March last year and received a note from a part-timer. Unexpectedly, it was Elris Yoo-kyung who handed the note. 

On that little note, Yoo-kyung wrote a short message introducing herself and her group.

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In particular, Yoo-kyung said, “I would very much appreciate it if you could show a lot of interest and love for Elris as well as remember our name once more so that we can become a group that delivers good energy to more people”, showing her aspiration.

Meeting a girl group member working part-time at a restaurant and trying to promote the group herself, A said, “It was my first time seeing an idol working part-time. Her voice is very soft, and she’s also so nice”. 

Alice (formerly known as Elris) is a seven-member girl group that debuted in 2017 with the song “We, First”.

Yoo-kyung drew keen attention when she won the gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics at MBC-TV’s “2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships”. As one of the most popular members in her group, she also carried out other activities, such as starring in the web drama “True Ending”.

After the release of Alice’s 4th mini album “JACKPOT” in February 2020, little news had been heard from the group. Yoo-kyung seems to have started working part-time during the break from her entertainment activities.

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Meanwhile, Alice’s agency released concept images of Karin, Do-A, Sohee, and Yoo-kyung for their first single album “DANCE ON” in their career through the group’s official SNS accounts within 4 days from October 8th.

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In her concept photo, Yoo-kyung performs a pose in front of a table of desserts. Her princess-like visual with large eyes and a small face caught the eyes of netizens.

Source: wikitree

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