Park Myung Soo “I don’t think I get along with IU… G-Dragon will appear on my program since I paid for his meal”

Park Myung Soo mentioned IU and G-Dragon.

On the Jan 7th broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show”, Park Myung Soo mentioned IU and G-Dragon.

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One listener said, “I hope you invite IU to talk about the ‘Infinite Challenge’ music festival. Please invite her.

Park Myung Soo replied, “I don’t think we get along. She’d appear if we got along.

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He caused laughter by adding, “There must be a reason for IU to appear here, and we have to persuade her. But there seems to be no reason.

Another listener recommended, “Please invite G-Dragon to the ‘Legendary masters’ corner.

Regarding this, Park Myung Soo confessed, “I want to invite him, too. But I can’t invite him because things don’t go my way.


He revealed, “To tell you a news, I went to eat pork not long ago and G-Dragon was there. We said hello and took pictures.

Park Myung Soo made everyone laugh by saying, “I asked him to come out on this radio show or my YouTube channel. He just smiled. But he’ll appear. I paid for his meal.

Source: Daum, Daum

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