So Ji Sub reveals a love story that overcomes a 17-year age gap, “Love at first sight, contact me first”

Famous actor So Ji Sub talked about the love story with his wife, Jo Eun Jung.

On October 20th, So Ji Sub had an interview ahead of the release of his movie “Confession” in Samcheong-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 20th, where he smiled and said, “I think I know why people say they feel stable after marriage. After marriage, my long insomnia disappeared.”

As this was an interview before the release of the movie “Confession”, questions about his personal history must have been burdensome. However, So Ji Sub expressed shyly, “I thought it was a story that had to be told at least once. But even if I say only a little, there will be a lot of articles about it.”

So Ji Sub

When the video of So Ji Sub’s first meeting with his wife, which became a hot topic on YouTube along with the news of his marriage, was mentioned, So Ji Sub smiled and responded, “I saw that video too. It’s true that I fell in love with my wife at first sight. But it wasn’t like that, on the spot. Rather, I thought of her after filming ended.”

So Ji Sub revealed that it was difficult for him to garner the courage to contact Jo Eun Jung, whom he fell in love with at first sight, and shared about his intense attraction. In particular, the actor told Jo Eun Jung at the time, “In the past, I don’t think I would have contacted you separately even if I developed feelings. But as we get older, don’t we do it with your head, not with our heart? It’s been a long time since my heart reacted strongly like this, so I thought I would regret it if I didn’t contact you.”

So Ji Sub

He honestly revealed that the only thing he was worried about until the end was the age difference. He said, “When I looked up about my wife, the age difference was very large. But I had courage. Fortunately, an acquaintance knew her. When I conveyed my sincerity to the acquaintance, she said, ‘Try contacting her.’ I was surprised. Fortunately, she didn’t even feel like I was joking, and replied, ‘Yes, I’ll see you later.’ And about a month later, I met her.”

The movie “Confession”, which is about to be released, is also a movie that So Ji Sub filmed while dating. Regarding this, the actor said, “My wife will watch this movie soon, so I hope she likes it.”

In this movie, So Ji Sub takes on the role of Yoo Min Ho, a famous businessman who is accused of murder. He challenged a villain role for the first time since his debut, exuding a different charm that has never been seen before.

so ji sub

So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung, a 17-year-younger broadcaster, announced their marriage in April 2020. The first meeting between the two was at an interview on an entertainment information program. At that time, Jo Eun Jung, who was active as a reporter on the SBS program “Access Showbiz Tonight”, was in charge of interviewing So Ji Sub, who was about to release a new movie, and this meeting eventually blossomed into a relationship.

The couple announced their relationship in 2019, and announced their marriage after about a year. So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung made a fresh start by donating 50 million won to Good Neighbors instead of holding a grand wedding.

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