“I almost couldn’t go home” There was a girl group member on the road that was flooded by heavy rain

“Real-time in Nonhyeon-dong. I almost couldn’t go home.” Sohee, a member of girl group Alice, posted on SNS on August 8th. 

From August 8th to 9th, there was record-breaking rainfall in central regions including Seoul. Citizens, who did not expect the rain damage to be that great, were tied up in various parts of the city.

Stars who have practice rooms and recording studios in Gangnam-gu could not avoid the rain damage. According to Ilgan Sports on August 10th, Alice also had a heart-jolting experience due to heavy rain.

Alice’s practice room is located near Gangnam-daero 122-gil. It is one of the places that suffered the most from heavy rain. After having dinner and practicing choreography in the practice room, Alice members belatedly learned that the situation outside the building was serious, and they immediately went home with the staff.

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In the video filmed at that time, Alice members were walking on a road filled with water up to their knees. On the way, there were incidents such as being swept away by water currents and falling, but fortunately, both the members and the staff were confirmed to have returned home without major injuries.


As local heavy rain poured in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province for two days from August 8th to 9th, 3,430 houses and shopping malls were flooded in Seoul alone, a total of 224 roads were flooded as well as 10 landslides were reported. The Seoul Metropolitan Government provided an emergency aid of 30 billion won to the autonomous districts to recover the damage as soon as possible.

Source: nate

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