Sunmi uploaded a photo of her hand holding a bunch of green pills which worries fans

Singer Sunmi’s unexpected photo has caused fans to worry.

Sunmi posted a photo without any caption on her Instagram on the 19th.

The picture is full of green pills on the palm of a hand which is believed to belong to Sunmi.

The pill is Advil (anti-inflammatory pill) which is a pain reliever effective for cold-induced fever, back pain, menstrual pain, toothache, arthritis and soft tissue damage.

Fans are worried that Sunmi’s health is deteriorating. The female artist’s Instagram was full of comments from concerned fans such as “Don’t be sick”, “Don’t eat the pills too much at once,” and “Please take care of your health”.

In fact, Sunmi is holding the “2019 Sunmi THE 1ST World Tour ‘Warning'” at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul on the 24th. As it will be her first solo concert, it’s no doubt that she is working hard.

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