This actor is going to appear as a lucky college student who becomes Suzy’s housemate in his new work 

Yang Se-jong was cast in the Netflix series “Lee Doo-na!” as soon as he completed his military service duty.

Not long ago, Suzy was reported to be reviewing the script of the webtoon-based new series “Lee Doo-na!” (working title). New casting news has recently been delivered.

Lee Doo Na

“Lee Doo-na!” is a drama based on the popular webtoon of the same name by Min Song-ah. It tells the story of famous idol Lee Doo-na, who suddenly announces her retirement, and Lee Won-joon, a university freshman, living in the same shared house.

Lee Doo Na

According to reports by Xports News on April 20th, actor Yang Se-jong has been cast to appear in “Lee Doo-na!”. Yang Se-jong is expected to play Lee Won-joon, the freshman who shares the same house as Lee Doo-na, and will perform a lovely and heart-fluttering relationship with Lee Doo-na.

Lee Doo Na

Yang Se-jong has just fulfilled his military service and was discharged in November last year, so “Lee Doo-na!” will be his comeback work.

Lee Doo Na

Apart from Suzy and Yang Se-jong, another star actress Lee Yoo-bi has also been offered a role in “Lee Doo-na!”. Therefore, attention is focused on what kind of appearances the three actors will show through this work. 

Lee Doo Na
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