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Forget about “stingy Jong-kook”… Kim Jong-kook’s housewarming party will be revealed on “Running Man”

A housewarming race will be held at Kim Jong-kook’s house.

In the new episode of SBS’s “Running Man”, which will air on July 3rd, the members will visit Kim Jong-kook’s house for the first time.

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On the recording day, Kim Jong-kook, who is called “stingy Jong-kook” because of his unique thrifty habit, showed a different image. He showed his affection for the members by turning on the air conditioner that had not been used for two years and provided “Running Man” members with unlimited coffee that he had saved. 

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But a few moments later, Kim Jong-kook exploded with anger as he couldn’t stand constant requests, such as “Give me some tissues”, “Give me some water”, etc., from the members, starting with Yoo Jae-seok.

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Meanwhile, in commemoration of the late housewarming party, the production team prepared high-priced vouchers. The members then joined a housewarming race in which they had to win vouchers through each mission. An additional rule that the members except Kim Jong-kook would receive punishment if their stress index rise during the day was also disclosed.

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“Running Man” members worked hard to control their minds and tried to be happy but one member eventually faced a crisis with their “serious” stress level. Will the members be able to give Kim Jong-kook housewarming gifts safely? The result can be found on “Running Man”, which airs at 5 p.m on Sunday, July 3rd.

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