Knetizens write down the problem that made them unsatisfied with their bias’s agencies

There are some problems that appear to be ‘typical’ of entertainment firms, to the point that Korean netizens can distinguish which company a comment is referring to without even getting the name.

When reviewing Kpop entertainment firms on an internet forum in Korea lately, Korean netizens cited the aspects that made them most unsatisfied with bias’s management companies. In fact, not all big agencies can avoid harsh criticism from fans. On this topic only, it is clear that the majority of the comments with the most upvotes are about the BIG 4  companies.

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In the case of HYBE, or more precisely Big Hit Music, the issue that irritates fans is stylist! For a long time, Big Hit’s stylist has been chastised not only by the fan community of the company’s artists, but also by the Korean public in general, after seeing BTS and TXT in weird outfits at a variety of occasions. To the extent that, many people are half-joking, saying that the reason why Big Hit’s stylist has not been fired is one of the biggest mysteries in the Kpop world. When asked to voice their dissatisfaction with bias’s agency, it’s not surprising that both BTS and TXT fandoms simultaneously mentioned the stylist.

bts nct 101221

Meanwhile, BIG 3, while not condemned because of the stylist, has a slew of issues that irritate fans. As for SM, fans are most offended by NCT‘s concept of unlimited members, according to SM. About YG, most fans want the firm to let artists return and release new albums more frequently. Concerning JYP, several people pleaded with the company’s president not to intervene in the composition and production of any more songs for the artists.

  • “I’m not an ARMY but I’m a fan of a same-house artist, and the only thing I want to say is Stylist! Stylist!! Stylist!!! Stylist!!!! Please change stylists now. Don’t let the kids wear skirts anymore. Stylist!! Stylist!!”
  • “How is it that the two comments with the highest up votes are referring to the same company and the same issue ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Big Hit-ah, do you feel anything? How the hell is it that our idols wear skirts more than fans, so we have to wake up the company~”
  • “Before fans get mad and tear all those dresses, hurry up and hide them all. The members themselves want to wear uniforms when promoting in Korea and fans like that style better. Normally they dress so well, but I don’t understand why every time they step on the stage, they get so weird clothes.”
  • “Don’t cover for the scandalous members, please let them leave as soon as possible”
    • “SM?”
    • “YG..”
    • “JYP..”
  • “Please get rid of this hairstyle. Change both the makeup and hairdo..”
(NCT Dream, Jeno Jaemin "couple hairstyle")
(NCT Dream, Jeno Jaemin “couple hairstyle”)
  • “Stop recruiting new members. this goddamn company”
  • “Please stop pursuing the concept of unlimited members”
    • “No name given but everyone knows which company they are talking about…”
  • “Discrimination. At the same company, but other idols are taken care of little by little and our idols are treated like trash. I just wish the company would treat my idols half as much as other idols. it’s already good”
  • “This is the last full group comeback before the members enlist in the army and the company only lets them promote for exactly 3 days, perform exactly 3 music shows and then end all the activities. Does it make sense?”
  • “I hope the company president stops composing songs for idols right away”
    • “JYP?”
    • “JYP for sure ㅋㅋ “Who’s the Mafia”…”
    •  “Looks like it’s the same with FNC. Han Sungho..”
  • “Not much to say. Release BLACKPINK’s album now!”
  • “Honestly, I have the most dissatisfaction with HYBE…”
  • “Stop obsessing with random. Now that random monthly salary, how many of you will accept it?”
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