STAYC is considered to have superior fashion sense compared to aespa

Compared to Kpop’s new generation rookie group, StayC is voted as the girl group with the best performance outfits.

StayC (debuted in November 2020) is a rookie group from a small company but receives attention because the members all possess outstanding visuals.  Recently, StayC made a comeback and promoted the title song ASAP.  The group’s performance outfits are praised for being beautiful and suitable for each member.

On stages, StayC brings a young, dynamic but still cute image
The stylist mixes their clothes with good accessories.  Their hairstyles are also varied, creating a summer vibe for StayC.
The beautiful outfits go well with the playful choreography of ASAP
When promoting on a show, StayC brings a lovely, sweet image in sweet pastel-colored outfits.
Thanks to the beautiful body of the members, StayC can match many different styles.
During the debut song promotion, So Bad, in November 2020, StayC also received many compliments for the beautiful performance outfit. The design was not too cumbersome but still outstanding enough.
The stylist selected outfits that fit the physique and style of each person.  The skirts’ length was also very suitable, not making it difficult for the girls to perform.
StayC’s youthful, dynamic teen-girl image fits the taste of Korean fans very well.
StayC is praised for wearing outfits following the schoolgirl concept.
The elegant, feminine image of StayC in a shoot makes fans fall in love.
Compared to aespa, the rookie girl group debuted at the same time, netizens said that StayC is lucky to have more impressive outfits.  aespa’s clothes are often criticized for being cheesy, cumbersome, and too short.

Source: iOne

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