The  “world-apart” reactions of Korean media when Song Joong Ki or Song Hye Kyo is embroiled in a dating rumor 

The former couple is constantly brought up despite parting ways 3 years ago. 

Three years after their divorce, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are often brought up whenever something new in their professional and private lives happens. 

According to AllKpop, netizens pointed out the stark contrast in the biased reportage when the former couple was revealed to be dating someone new. They argued that the reports on Song Joong Ki making public his relationship with Katy Louise Saunders were mostly positive while the opposite occurred to Song Hye Kyo. 

song joong ki
SBS’ reports on Song Joong Ki’s new relationship: “Song Joong Ki is dating a beautiful British woman… ‘continuing our good relationship’”
song hye kyo
On the contrary, there was one news report on Song Hye Kyo titled: “Was Song Joong Ki not enough?” Song Hye Kyo is embroiled in another relationship rumor at 40s”
song joong ki song hye kyo
The contrasting reporting of Korean media on Song Joong KI versus Song Hye Kyo 

This is not the first time the actress received this treatment from the media. When dating rumors appeared “out of the blue,” many male artists were brought up and reported in negative light despite no apparent evidence to back up the rumors. 

In response to the situation, Song Joong Ki was said to receive support after announcing his relationship because he was a male artist and things would not be easy for a female artist. In contrast, she would be hurdled with criticism if she came out dating a foreign boyfriend. 

The responses read: “Imagine Song Hye Kyo was the one dating a Westerner and arrived together in the country with him like that,” “Song Hye Kyo is treated as someone who’s ‘crazy about men’ but the fact that people think men will really stay still in front of a face like hers,” “Even if it was the same dating scandal, the woman will always get the bigger blow.” 

song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo have faced multiple instances of negativity from the public throughout her career 

Source: Allkpop

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